Mapping the Herdict on YouTube (Update #3)


With conflicting reports about YouTube access in China tonight, here’s the breakdown from reports to the unfortunately named Herdict (Herd + Verdict, get it? neither did I…) censorship reporting tool:

156 reports from China in the past 26 1/2 hours (March 5 11:30 PM Beijing Time)

125 report YouTube inaccessible

31 report YouTube accessible

Herdict doesn’t yet generate country maps, but the ISP providers usually name the province, and so its not hard to color in a map like the one above. Green means all reports (in every case, only one) said YouTube was accessible, Red means all reports were for inaccessible, and Orange means there are reports of both.

  • Nicki

    Not accessible today in Hainan Province.

  • Seth

    Very cool use of reports from Herdict Web!–In off chance that you hand scraped the reports off that report page, wanted to point out the download link in the lower left-hand corner: you can grab a csv file of all the data from there; this will be extra handy for visualizations and analysis when, in time, the report pages have grown more.

  • davesgonechina

    @Seth: Awesome! I didn’t see that csv option. Gonna need that if this continues for a while, I’ve pretty much reached my limit for manual counting.

  • Cooper blocked here on Zhejiang University of Technology in Hangzhou, China

  • jamar

    Shanghai, Youtube inaccessible both from iPhone and computer.

  • Liuzhou Laowai

    The map shows Guangxi as being OK. No, it isn’t. I’ve checked with friends all over Guangxi – no one can get in.

  • Tony Clifton

    It’s inaccessible in Xi’an and Wenzhou.

  • B

    I remember reports before the Olympics games (and since, by friends) that international Hotels were not censored the same way; I don’t know if you can sort commercial users from the others (or maybe split by Herdict accounts that usually are connected from outside China). You might want to detail your coastal data this way.

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