CIRC 2009

I’ll be speaking, listening and blogging the 7th Annual Chinese Internet Research Conference in Philadelphia this Wednesday and Thursday (evenings in Beijing) over at the nested domains of, which resolves to, where the blog is a wrapper around In other words, you’ll find me, Lokman, Weiyu, Anne and Bill via any of those domains. Twitter tag is #circ09, and a live webcast will stream from

It’ll be interesting to see panels that sit Peking University researchers alongside Freedom House, and Human Rights in China with Google Director of Corporate and Policy Communication Bob Boorstin. And that’s just Wednesday morning. Ethan Zuckerman, Isaac Mao, Rebecca MacKinnon, Yang Guobin, Jack Qiu, Jiang Min, Michael Anti and more will be there too.

  • Elliott Ng

    Looking forward to following the conference from afar! I’m not sure what coverage we can really provide for the event on CNReviews since none of us will be there, but am in touch with Lokman to see how we can best promote and amplify the event. Look forward to reading your reflections on the event here.

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